Have you ever thought what happens when you plan a moving day, with all the precautionary measures and you find out that it’s going to rain? It is impossible to re-schedule the date when you have already made all the arrangements with the moving companies, utility service providers and helpers.

The show must go on!

This is the reason Agarwal packers and movers always pack your possessions keeping the worse situations in mind. The category of household items that gets the most affected when they come in contact with water is the wooden items and most of the furniture is made of wood. That is the reason it becomes very important to pack your furniture in a way so that it doesn’t come in contact with rain water.

Here are some of the tips for moving your furniture in rain:

  1. Packing plays an important role

Furniture starts getting damaged the moment it comes in contact with moisture. So, if you get to know that it is going to rain on the moving day or has been started already then you should give your hundred percent to “waterproof” it.

• Disassemble your furniture properly so that it becomes easier to move it and to protect it from getting damaged by water.

• Wrap all the furniture pieces with fabric sheets and then apply the stretch wrap over it so that even if water touches the wrap. It doesn’t enter inside.

• These thick sheets will protect your furniture pieces to come in contact with rain water.

• Make sure you cover all the pieces of furniture properly and don’t leave any corner uncovered.

• You can also purchase plastic furniture covers for better protection and convenience in packing.

  1. Things you need to be careful while loading your furniture

When it’s time to load your furniture on to the moving truck, you need to be careful for a few things:

• While loading your furniture on to the moving vehicle, make sure that these pieces are least exposed in the open sky.

• Try to make the trips between your home and your vehicle shortest.

• Make at least two people stand inside the house, two people between the house and the moving vehicle and then two inside the vehicle so that any single person doesn’t make all the trips from the house to the truck.

• It will decrease the time your furniture will be present in the open sky and you will also be able to do the loading at a faster pace.

• Your house will also not get dirty because of the messy shoes.

• Make sure you don’t keep all the furniture pieces on the open side of the truck, though it will also be covered but it is important to be extra careful in such situations.

  1. Try to park your moving vehicle under the shed

It is not easy to find a shed outside your house but it is very important to create a zone that is dry for your moving vehicle to be parked. This will help you to load and unload your items in an organized manner and you will not rush things to let your items in the moving truck in order to save them from the rain. This is going to help you a lot and for that you just have to find a dry zone or a space under the shed where your vehicle can be parked.

  1. How to create a safe route?

• Wherever you find a pit in the passage of your house to the moving vehicle just place wooden plywood or something so that you or anybody doesn’t fall during the process of loading and unloading.

• You can also create a path of plywoods for added safety and convenience.

• Make sure the path is clear from all the leaves and waste.

• If you find anything that can create an obstacle for you while lifting and loading your furniture pieces then make sure you eliminate it from the path.

  1. Take measures so that nobody trips due to the weather

• It is very important to think about the safety of yourself and the people who are helping you for the move. Just line up the entry path with the help of towels, sheets, carpets, cardboard pieces, rugs, tape or floor coverings so that nobody trips while out or coming in the house.

• Place something on the ground so that you don’t keep the furniture on the wet surface while loading them on to the moving truck.

• Make sure you dry your furniture pieces the moment they are loaded on to the moving truck or when they enter the threshold of your house. The stretch wrap that you must have applied on your furniture to protect them from moisture should be removed as soon as possible when you reach in your new house.

• Check the fabric sheets as well, if they are wet then remove them as well.

• Don’t do anything in hurry; you might end up hurting yourself of damaging furniture pieces if you make any rash actions. It is very important to take care of yourself, your belongings and the ones that are working for you.

If you think that you won’t be able to manage packing and moving during rain then you should hire Agarwal packers. They do the best to protect your belongings in transit in all circumstances.